Parkers Birth Story

When I was pregnant with Parker I was obsessed with reading birth stories.  I searched the internet for every birth story I could find.  It is essentially how I got through those final weeks of pregnancy.  So, I decided I should share mine, for all those moms to be out there looking for some birth stories to read.

Since we only just met, here are a few things you should know before…

1- We did not find out the gender of our baby ahead of time (I’m a girl who loves surprises)

2- I had a plan to have an unmedicated, completely natural birth

2.2- I had done absolutely no preparations for my natural birth (ie. lamaze classes, yoga, etc.).  I simply thought “How hard could it possibly be?”

3- This is going to be a very long post

Sunday, July 19th.  Approximately three days past Parkers due date.  Jimmy and I had just finished going on an evening walk.  I believe we stopped for some ice cream.  Jimmy said he wanted to go golfing the next day and I said “Why not, I don’t think this baby is coming anytime soon.”  We had an ultrasound appointment in the morning so Jimmy made plans to golf after our appointment.

Later that night as we were settling into bed I started to feel some light cramping.  I went to sleep and the light cramping woke me up several times throughout the night.  The next morning  we went to our ultrasound appointment to see that everything was still good with baby.  We got home and texted my mom to let her know that I was starting to have some contractions but they were still irregular and not very strong (She lives 3 hours away).  She decided to make the trip down regardless.  Sometime around noon the cramps were starting to be much more regular and much more painful.  Jimmy decided not to golf.  My mom, Jimmy and I spent the entire day timing contractions while hanging out and at our apartment.  By around 8-9pm (can’t remember exactly) we decided to call the doctor since every contraction felt so incredibly painful.  He said to make our way in whenever we wanted, but no need to rush.

I was very hesitant to go to the hospital because my “plan” was to labor at home as long as possible.  My contractions at this point had been around 5-6 minutes apart and I thought we definitely must be getting close!!!  So, Jimmy packed up the car and off we went.

We arrived at the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors, I told them of my “plan” to have an all natural birth and they were on board.  The checked my cervix and I was a whopping 2 cm dilated.  All my hopes and dreams came crashing down on me.  ONLY 2CM??? How on earth could this possibly be???  I spent the next couple of hours walking around the hallway, pausing and clinging on for dear life while painfully making my way through each contraction.  I went back in to get checked and realized how incredibly tired I was.  It was about 10-11pm (a full 24 hrs since it all started) at this point and the nurse told me to let her know if I change my mind about pain medicine.  I wanted to lay down and take a nap, but it was impossible to do while having contractions, so I gave in.  Just like that I said “Give me the drugs.”

The epidural was scary.  I cried when the nurse told me that Jimmy couldn’t be in the room with me when it happened (pregnancy also makes you very hormonal, I cried about a lot of things).  In the end I hardly remember getting it, because so much of the day was a blur.  It kicked in fairly quickly and I instantly passed out.  The doctor came in a few minutes later and they told me I was 5 cm dilated now!!  The doctor told me that the epidural may have actually helped since I was so tense during my contractions, the epidural helped me to relax and calm down a bit (Who knew!)  We went to sleep.

I slept on and off that night.  I was having a lot of trouble sleeping on my left side because the baby was squishing my lungs, so I kept laying mostly on my right side which would in turn make the epidural wear off on my left side.  Around 5am the doctor came in to check and see if I made more progress.  I was now 6 cm dilated and he decided to put me on some Pitocin to help move things along.   A few (very boring) hours later I had reached 10cm!!!  The doctor then told me that eventually I should feel the urge to push.  The doctor then came in 3-4 more times asking if I felt the urge to push yet, nope, nothing nada.  I was dilated at 10 cm for several hours when the doctor then told me I should try to push.  They turned my epidural down since I was having difficulty understanding the concept of pushing with no feeling down there and I pushed.  I pushed for over 3 hours.

I felt like everything had been drained out of my body.  I was beyond exhausted and hungry!  Man was I hungry!  I hadn’t eaten anything except a granola bar before our ultrasound appointment (Eating had made me feel nauseous).  I felt like I had just run a marathon and then some.  The doctor came back in and said that I could try to push for another hour but that the baby was still pretty far up.  To be completely honest.  When I saw the doctor come in I was hoping that he would tell me I needed to have a C-Section.  I was in so much pain and I was so exhausted the thought of trying to push any longer just seemed way too overwhelming.  I was in tears so I told him it was fine and that I was just ready to meet my baby.

The C-Section room was scary.  It was dark and cold and I started to cry again.  I was shaking so much and everyone had a mask on and I didn’t know where Jimmy was because I couldn’t see anyones face.  I cried more.  I couldn’t feel any pain, but I felt a lot of pushing and tugging and pressure.  I started to cry more.  Suddenly I felt what I assume was my baby being lifted from my body.  The feeling is hard to describe, but I literately could feel them taking him out.  I faintly heard a nurse say “It’s a Boy!” I cried some more.  I saw a doctor come by with a bloody baby and he showed him to me.  I thought wow that baby looks slimy and gross, but I want to hold him (they didn’t let me).  Jimmy stayed by my side while they cleaned him up.  He was crying and I asked Jimmy why Parker was so upset and he reassured me that its good when babies cry.  I cried some more.  They brought him over for a picture.  I felt awkward and I wished I had done my hair and makeup for the picture.  This was Not how I wanted our first family photo to look.

They took Parker and Jimmy away from me while they finished stitching me up.  Finally after what felt like hours (probably only a few minutes).  They brought me into the recovery room where my mom, Jimmy and Parker were waiting for me.  I held Parker in my arms.  I cried.  He latched on and began nursing right away (He came out hungry, just like his mom).  I never wanted to let him go.

Our first family photo

Our first family photo

A prettier first family photo

A prettier first family photo

On July 21, 2015 at 3:31pm weighing 7lbs, 9ozs and measuring 21 inches long, a little tiny adorable baby boy was born and forever changed my life.



PJ and Butter First Post

Hi!  I’m Julie.  I’m a thirty something wife to my amazing husband Jimmy and brand new mommy to my adorable baby boy Parker.

This blog will probably a mix of all things I love.  These things include my family, my friends, adventures and traveling, fitness (sometimes), food, food, and more food, running (to work off the food).  I’ll also be sharing my adventures as a new mom because it is currently my FAVORITE thing in the world.

And now for my attempt at a cute and adorable mom and baby selfie….


Parker Selfie FAIL