Homemade Soup + A Long Walk

Have you ever made soup from scratch before?  For those of you who are like me (Challenged in the kitchen), you’ll be happy to learn that it is actually fairly easy to do, a bit time consuming, but easy nonetheless!  The thing is, I absolutely HATE canned soup, but was seriously craving some soup over the weekend.  I looked up a recipe for some Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and decided to give it a try.  The results came out delicious, but I learned a very important lesson.  ALWAYS read the directions first, then read them again.  I made the mistake of skimming through the directions and quickly saw that it took two hours to make only to realize half way through that the FIRST part took two hours to make.  The second part took another two hours to make.  Dinner was not ready until 10:00pm that night.  I had crackers for dinner and soup for lunch the next day.  Lesson Learned.


The recipe made a HUGE batch, so I suspect we will be eating soup for days.

Sunday was beautiful around these parts so Parker and I decided to walk to our Sunday Mommy and Me Yoga class.  After class we stopped at the farmers market in our town.   I had yet to visit it even though it has been open all summer and was in need of some veggies that I ran out of.  The market was great and I can’t believe I hadn’t been to it yet.  I will definitely be making a stop there at least once more before it closes down for the winter!

We got home and spent some time with Dad before he headed up to the hunting camp for the night.  Parker was getting a little cranky and over tired and fighting nap time so I decided some fresh air would do us both some good.  I bundled him up and we headed out for a nice long walk.  We walked for about 2 hours and I honestly could have kept going it was just so beautiful out!


Parker is loving Fall!

Parker is loving Fall!

Happy Monday Everyone!


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