I Put the Spinach in the Snack Cabinet

I thought pregnancy brain was supposed to end after the baby came out.  Or maybe this is the new “mommy hood” brain that I now have to live with.  Or maybe its a mix of lack of sleep and doing nothing but playing with a cute baby all day long.  Regardless the reason, I think that my brain has officially turned into a pile of mush.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the fridge looking for the spinach I bought over the weekend in hopes to make a salad.  No spinach found.  I racked my brain.  I remember using it a couple of days ago for a salad, but I was almost positive I didn’t eat the whole bag.  I searched the fridge top to bottom and eventually gave up thinking that I must have eaten the whole bag after all.  Fast forward to this afternoon when I wander into the snack cabinet for a snack only to find…


Yup, there is the spinach I couldn’t find. Mush for brains.

In other news I finally worked out after taking several very busy days off after my 5K on Saturday.  This morning’s mom and baby bootcamp certainly kicked my butt, but it felt good to be moving again.  So what have we been up to this week?  Well Jimmy, Parker and I made a trip to our old stomping grounds in Long Beach NY to visit a friend who just bought a house.  Parker enjoyed our sunset walk on the boardwalk.


Tuesday we had a very exciting family photo shoot.  The day was a bit crazy since it was also the day that Parker decided to change up his routine.  I swear everything I think I have his baby routine down he changes it up on me!  Up until Tuesday we had a fairly consistent schedule.  Parker and I wake up around 5:30am, he eats, mom pumps some milk while checking a few things online, then we around 6:30-7:00am we head out for our daily walk to Starbucks.  During this walk Parker naps and then we get home and pop him in his swing where he will nap for another half hour-hour.  Well, Tuesday before our photographer came over at 9:30am Parker decided to forego this nap and wait until 9:30am to sleep, which made for a very interesting afternoon.

Later that day mom, dad and Parker lounged on the couch  while Parker discovered his foot!


Thats all, hoping to get back into my workout grove over the next few days!


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