A Day in the Life of a Mom on Maternity Leave

As my maternity leave is coming to an end I thought it would be fun to share a peek inside a day in the life of Parker James and myself.

Our morning typically starts around 5:30am when I begin to hear those sweet coos from baby Parker and I know its time to get up.  I rub my eyes, crawl out of bed and head on over to his nursery.  I look down at my sweet boy and he instantly gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees me.  My heart melts.  I pick him up and smother him in kisses.  I then change his diaper and move to the couch to nurse him.  While Parker is nursing I’m on my cell phone flipping through my various apps (instagram, Facebook, emails, etc)

Parker in a milk coma

Parker in a milk coma

Once Parker is done with his morning nursing session he will usually doze off for a bit and I hop on the computer for more surfing around the net while I pump some milk for my freezer stash.

Around 6:30am Parker and I head out for our daily walk to Starbucks.  While there I happily greet my friendly Starbucks baristas as they already know what I order and are getting it ready for me (Its the little things in life).  Usually during our walk I call my mom to chat for a bit (daily calls to mom will never end) and Parker sometimes sleeps but sometimes doesn’t.  If he’s not asleep he’s happily looking around at the trees and leaves as we pass them by.


We get home and Parker is ready for his next mid-morning snack so I nurse him a bit while again playing on my phone to make the time pass by.  Its then time to make a small breakfast for myself.  I typically eat either a banana or some toast with almond butter.  I get dressed and begin to get things ready to leave (going anywhere with a baby requires much more additional prep time than before!)  I try to nurse Parker one more time so that he is full and happy then we head out around 8:30-9:00am for one of our various mommy and me fitness classes of the day.

After class we get home and mom showers quickly while dad and Parker play for a bit, then Parker has more snacks.  We cook up some lunch (or dad does) or we order in or sometimes head out to a local restaurant and have lunch with dad.  Dad leaves the house and depending on the weather for the day, if it is nice out Parker and I head out for a walk or run depending on our mood (After Parker has yet another snack).


We get home and Parker is usually ready for more snacks so we nurse again and at this point I may pop on the TV and plant myself on the couch for the remainder of the afternoon.  I found that on maternity leave while nursing a baby who likes to eat every 2 hours it is very easy to get sucked into Netflix for hours on end.  I watched the entire series of Greys Anatomy during my maternity leave and just caught up to the new episodes this week!


Parker and I spend the rest of the day playing and nursing.  Parker enjoys when I sing songs to him.  Some of his favorites are “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Patty Cake,” and “Pop Goes the Weasel.”  Lately he’s a bit more active which is always exciting to watch.  I find that every week he enjoys new activities (He is currently loving laying on the floor on his back while grabbing at his feet and attempting to roll over).


Around 5:00pm-ish is usually when I start to get antsy from sitting on the couch for so long and will get up to clean or get something together for dinner.  With my master cooking skills (or in reality complete LACK of cooking skills).  Dinner is always a mystery and can be anything from a bunch of snacks I throw together or if I’m feeling ambitious an actual recipe that I will try from the internet.


Once dinner is done, I quickly try my best to clean up the kitchen while keeping Parker happy since night time is when he requires the most attention lately.  Around 8:00pm I start to get him ready for bed.  He changes into his PJs, we read a book, drink some milk and he goes into his crib.  This used to be a fairly easy routine with no issues, but with an ever-changing, ever-growing baby you never get used to a routine because they change it up on you quicker than you think.  So, nowadays bedtime has been a bit of a struggle over the last week but a little bit of patience and lots of love he eventually goes to bed (2-3 hours later).  Typically Parker wakes up once in the middle of the night for a snack which isn’t too bad compared to the newborn days of needing snacks 3-4 times throughout the night.


Then around 5:30am we start the day all over again.  Maternity leave has been a blessing and I have absolutely loved having this time to bond with Parker.  I wish it was longer and I wish I didn’t have to leave him, but that is life.  I can only be thankful that I was able to spend 16 amazing weeks with my baby boy.  They truly have been the most incredible 16 weeks of my entire life.


Homemade Soup + A Long Walk

Have you ever made soup from scratch before?  For those of you who are like me (Challenged in the kitchen), you’ll be happy to learn that it is actually fairly easy to do, a bit time consuming, but easy nonetheless!  The thing is, I absolutely HATE canned soup, but was seriously craving some soup over the weekend.  I looked up a recipe for some Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and decided to give it a try.  The results came out delicious, but I learned a very important lesson.  ALWAYS read the directions first, then read them again.  I made the mistake of skimming through the directions and quickly saw that it took two hours to make only to realize half way through that the FIRST part took two hours to make.  The second part took another two hours to make.  Dinner was not ready until 10:00pm that night.  I had crackers for dinner and soup for lunch the next day.  Lesson Learned.


The recipe made a HUGE batch, so I suspect we will be eating soup for days.

Sunday was beautiful around these parts so Parker and I decided to walk to our Sunday Mommy and Me Yoga class.  After class we stopped at the farmers market in our town.   I had yet to visit it even though it has been open all summer and was in need of some veggies that I ran out of.  The market was great and I can’t believe I hadn’t been to it yet.  I will definitely be making a stop there at least once more before it closes down for the winter!

We got home and spent some time with Dad before he headed up to the hunting camp for the night.  Parker was getting a little cranky and over tired and fighting nap time so I decided some fresh air would do us both some good.  I bundled him up and we headed out for a nice long walk.  We walked for about 2 hours and I honestly could have kept going it was just so beautiful out!


Parker is loving Fall!

Parker is loving Fall!

Happy Monday Everyone!


I Put the Spinach in the Snack Cabinet

I thought pregnancy brain was supposed to end after the baby came out.  Or maybe this is the new “mommy hood” brain that I now have to live with.  Or maybe its a mix of lack of sleep and doing nothing but playing with a cute baby all day long.  Regardless the reason, I think that my brain has officially turned into a pile of mush.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the fridge looking for the spinach I bought over the weekend in hopes to make a salad.  No spinach found.  I racked my brain.  I remember using it a couple of days ago for a salad, but I was almost positive I didn’t eat the whole bag.  I searched the fridge top to bottom and eventually gave up thinking that I must have eaten the whole bag after all.  Fast forward to this afternoon when I wander into the snack cabinet for a snack only to find…


Yup, there is the spinach I couldn’t find. Mush for brains.

In other news I finally worked out after taking several very busy days off after my 5K on Saturday.  This morning’s mom and baby bootcamp certainly kicked my butt, but it felt good to be moving again.  So what have we been up to this week?  Well Jimmy, Parker and I made a trip to our old stomping grounds in Long Beach NY to visit a friend who just bought a house.  Parker enjoyed our sunset walk on the boardwalk.


Tuesday we had a very exciting family photo shoot.  The day was a bit crazy since it was also the day that Parker decided to change up his routine.  I swear everything I think I have his baby routine down he changes it up on me!  Up until Tuesday we had a fairly consistent schedule.  Parker and I wake up around 5:30am, he eats, mom pumps some milk while checking a few things online, then we around 6:30-7:00am we head out for our daily walk to Starbucks.  During this walk Parker naps and then we get home and pop him in his swing where he will nap for another half hour-hour.  Well, Tuesday before our photographer came over at 9:30am Parker decided to forego this nap and wait until 9:30am to sleep, which made for a very interesting afternoon.

Later that day mom, dad and Parker lounged on the couch  while Parker discovered his foot!


Thats all, hoping to get back into my workout grove over the next few days!


First Halloween was a Success

Good morning!  Parker is still getting off the high of not only his first Halloween, but his first ever holiday!  He was very excited the night before as he settled into bed in his new Halloween PJs.


He had fun early that morning while him and dad cheered mom on during her 5K race.


He had so much fun dressing up as baby frankenstein that he decided to stay in costume all day long.

IMG_6862 IMG_6873 IMG_6881

He played and played and played until he finally tuckered himself out.


Then he woke up and got into the Halloween candy since NO TRICK OR TREATERS came to eat it!


I hope you enjoyed Halloween as much as Parker did! 🙂