Double Workout = Tired Mom

Good morning!  I’m a bit exhausted after yesterdays double workout.  In an effort to try my best to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes before I return to work, I’ve been upping my workout game.  I was lucky enough to find lots of fun mommy and baby fitness classes in my area and Parker and I have been enjoying them!

Yesterdays class started with my baby bootcamp in the morning.  I love this class because all of the babies are about the same age as Parker.  The babies all lay on a blanket during class while the moms get to workout.  If a baby gets fussy then the instruct will help and carry your baby or if lots of babies get fussy they she will help us incorporate some moves that we can do while holding our little ones.  Since Parker decided to be in a mood yesterday that is pretty much how class went.  Lots of walking lunges with Parker in tow.


I came home and ate a huge lunch since I was starving.  Probably not the best idea since my stomach was not feeling good during my afternoon class.  Luckily for me I was the only one at the class so the instructor let me work on whatever I wanted.  I decided to go for lots of arm strength since I’m finding it more and more difficult to carry Parker the bigger he gets!  My afternoon class was a Stroller Strides class.  This is a nationwide program that incorporates exercise with the use of your stroller.  Fun for all ages of babies and children!


Today Parker and I have planned some relaxing mom and baby yoga followed by lots of couch time. 🙂


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